Virtual Marketing Managers

Get the power of an agency with the convenience of a team member

When it comes to marketing your business, there are a few ways to do it:


Do it yourself, but struggle to find time to do it right


Use an agency, buy pay too much without a clear return 


Hire a freelancer, but wonder when they’ll respond

You should have experts in your corner helping you win
without support tickets and wait times.

And with a Virtual Marketing Manager, that’s exactly what you get.


Discover how a Virtual Marketing Manager eliminates your hassle and grows your business.

Work with one person

just like you would an employee

Powered by proven content

so you get better results

Focused on marketing

that makes you money

We’ve helped more than 100 organizations make millions of dollars with better marketing. 

Our Virtual Marketing Managers bring that expertise to your company. 

You get the advantages of an agency without the ongoing price tag.


Grow your business with us

Schedule a Call

We spend a few minutes discussing your company, your needs, and how our Virtual Marketing Managers are the solution you’ve been searching for. 

We Go to Work

During the onboarding process, we walk you through our Marketing & Messaging Blueprint Process. We also search for the right Virtual Marketing Manager for you. 

Buy a Boat

Or take your team to Hawaii. Or just breathe. Do whatever you want in order to celebrate the growth and convenience of your new marketing solution.  

How does this work?

We get it: this idea sounds new. Which means you’re probably asking how this works. 

The answer is pretty simple. There are two parts: 



– Go through our Marketing & Messaging Blueprint Process so you get a better marketing plan

– During this process, our team finds the right marketing manager for you

– At the end of this first month, you meet your manager, get your plan, and start the work


Your VMM handles your weekly marketing needs 

– With the marketing plan in place, your VMM gets that done

– Your VMM focuses on your marketing needs while you run the business

Who are you hiring?

US based

College educated

Extensively trained

Access to a Content Database

Dedicated hours for you

What does a virtual marketing manager do?


Manages social media channels


Creates social media content


Writes and sends weekly emails to your database


Manages other marketing vendors


Tracks key marketing analytics


Handles inbound inquiries


Edits and updates your website

Why not just hire an agency?

Agencies are great. We are one. We know great agencies and great agency owners. Unfortunately, though, the often used retainer model doesn’t work for everyone. 

  • You get standardized content instead of a customized plan
  • Who you talk to feels like a revolving door
  • The work never quite delivers more revenue
  • Getting things done seemingly takes weeks instead of days

Agencies do great work for some, but that may not work for you. That’s why we decided to rethink the model and bring our Virtual Marketing Manager to you:

  • You deal with one person for as long as you work with us
  • Your VMM gets access to an enormous library of content to contribute to your success
  • We get your messaging right upfront so you always say the right things
  • Custom marketing plans ensure you spend your time and money where it’s most effective


We are a storybrand Certified agency

StoryBrand is a revolutionary approach to marketing. Why? Because it gives a simple framework to help you achieve clarity in your messaging. Whether it’s for sales, marketing, or current customers. As a StoryBrand Certified Agency, our experts know the StoryBrand Framework inside and out. And they’re ready to help you achieve what you need to experience the growth you deserve.

We help you understand and implement the StoryBrand Framework in your marketing, sales, and customer service.