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When uncertainty strikes, what do you say?

You need marketing to make sales, but you don't want to sound tone deaf
You know customers need what you sell, but you don't know how to message the moment well
You want to make a marketing change, but you just don't know what's right

Your business should thrive in any season, and we help make that happen. 

The right words make the difference. especially in the middle of uncertainty, fear, and Covid-19

Too many companies waste money on marketing funnels, paid ads, and employee training, all in the name of trying to increase sales and grow the business. But those efforts are about as productive as lighting money on fire. Why? Because you don’t need more marketing, you need better marketing. And better marketing starts knowing what customers want, the problems they face, and how you help solve those problems. Enter the StoryBrand Framework. 

We live in an increasingly competitive landscape. With each passing day our customers hear more noise than ever. Paid ads, social media, email, and Slack. Not to mention texting, phone calls, meetings, commercials, and the occasional chat in the breakroom. With all of these incoming messages, your customers are overwhelmed with information.

It’s not possible to change the pace of communication in the modern age, so what can we do to cut through the noise? Increase ad spend? Create an expensive new website? Hire a guy to spin a sign at the intersection in front of our store?

The short answer to those ideas? No.

The right step is actually the hardest: create clarity in what you do, how it solves customer problems, and what it takes to start. People are drawn to what’s clear and repelled by things that don’t make sense. That’s why inferior companies with inferior products may steal customers from you.

Thankfully, creating the clarity your company needs is easier than you think. We help organizations create clarity in their go-to-market message. That way your marketing teams have a clear plan to get more leads, your sales team has clear messaging for calls, and customer success teams have a clear process to keep solving problems well.

We are a StoryBrand Certified Agency run by team of Certified Guides. Why does that matter? You work directly with someone who has walked dozens of organizations through the StoryBrand Framework, so you partner with an expert who knows how to help you discover the clarity you deserve. Whether you need a full-day strategy session, new website, or a coaching call, you work with someone who knows how to help you win.

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Or take your team to Hawaii.  Or just breathe. Do whatever you want in order to celebrate growth. Because when you use the right words, you win. 

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What Other Leaders Say ABOUT Us

“Wes (Wayfinder Owner) coached us through a couple sessions where he helped us get clarity around the StoryBrand Framework. He added a level of clarity that surpassed anything we thought was even possible. Wes helped us leverage the framework – not only getting our brandscript right, but also how to leverage that throughout our entire business for maximum impact. He took each of our team members – wherever we were – and helped us get to the next level, actually 2 or 3 levels ahead. We love the work he did. We’re big fans!”

Tyler Smith | TEXT IN CHURCH

What does it mean to be a StoryBrand Certified Agency?

StoryBrand is a revolutionary approach to marketing. Why? Because it gives a simple framework to help you achieve clarity in your messaging. Whether it’s for sales, marketing, or current customers. As a StoryBrand Certified Agency, our experts know the StoryBrand Framework inside and out. And they’re ready to help you achieve what you need to experience the growth you deserve.

We help you understand and implement the StoryBrand Framework in your marketing, sales, and customer service.